From the Auria forums:

There are two ways to do it:

Using a computer:

Use iFunBox to copy them into the Sampler Instruments folder. Make sure they go into a subfolder of Sampler Instruments, for example:

Sampler Instruments Bass  My Bass.sfz

Or, using the AudioShare app on your iPad:

If you have an SFZ you want to move to Auria, here are the steps:

1. Copy your SFZ and the associated samples folder to AudioShare 2. In AudioShare, create a new folder. Call is Sampler Instruments 3. Go inside the Sampler Instruments folder and create another new folder called Bass (or some other name) 4. Go back to the main list of files. Find your SFZ file, and tap on it for a few seconds until you see the menu. Select Move, and move it into your new "Bass" folder 5. Do he same thing to the SFZ samples folder (move it to the Bass folder). 6. Now long tap on the Sampler Instruments folder and choose Make Zip File 7. hen it's finished, tap on the new zip file (cancel the dialog that comes up asking if you want to open it). Then tap on the Send icon (the icon on the right with the box and arrow pointing out). Choose Auria. 8. That's all you need to do. Now your SFZ will appear inside the Bass category in Lyra's list.

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