iMPC Pro MIDI Input Details Edit

From the Retronyms blog:

MPC Element is a great controller to use with iMPC Pro and iMPC. But its not the only way to control these apps. I’ve had a lot of success in my personal experience utilizing other controllers for mastery of all hardware/software in my live and studio setup. My go to software controller is Touch OSC. And as far as hardware goes, I like the Korg nanopad 2 and Arturia Beatstep. 

I went ahead and included layouts for a couple popular hardware/software controllers i.e Korg Nano Pad 2 & Touch OSC, Arturia Beatstep, Arturia minilab. Download the layouts here.

If you’d like a hands on hardware experience using other controllers, see below for the scene mappings to send from whatever tools you are using.

For a given bank (say, bank A), the app's pads are arranged in a Grid:

A13  A14  A15  A16

A09  A10  A11  A12

A05  A06  A07  A08

A01  A02  A03  A04

Send note on/off messages on channel 10. The notes are laid out on the Grid like this: C#4  G4   D#4  F4  C4   B3   A3   G3  E3   D3   A#3  G#3 C#3  C3   F#3  A#6  

Its worth noting that some proprietary editors create different standard octave numbers. For example C4 traditionally is note #60. But impc pro takes note #48 for C4. However in touch osc editor and other programs note #48 translates to C2.

So to control iMPC pads, make sure you are sending the following note numbers:

49   55   51   53 48   47   45   43 40   38   46   44 37   36   42   82

Also note when you plug in some equipment, it will trigger features like mute, etc. from ch. 1 on startup. 

Other features in the app can be controlled with the following note on/off messages on channel 1:

Tap=         96   (C8)

Full Level=  39   (D#3)

16 Level=    40   (E3)

Undo=        53   (F4)

Erase=       09   (A0)

Note Repeat= 43   (G3)

Main=        48   (C4)

Rec=         67   (G5)

Overdub=     73   (C#6)

Stop=        81   (A6)

Play=        80   (G#6)

Play Start=  83   (B6)

Solo Track=  51   (D#4)

Mute Track=  50   (D4)

Track Down=  15   (D#1)

Track Up=    14   (D1)

Pad Bank=    49   (C#4)

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